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The Citadel will be a 3 day Paintball Festival offering players over 150 different games, over 12 different Maps covering 6 different formats of the game.


The event is designed to allow players to pick and choose whatever Map, game format and game design they wish to play.


Accomodation will be available onsite. Players can either camp for free, or rent a private bedroom between 4. The private bedrooms come with showers and toilets which will not be open to the public. There will be seperate toilets and showers for those who camp.


There will be a full restaurant onsite as well as a bar serving draught beers and wine.


The ticket price allows players to take part in any of the activities. There are no extra charges.


All paint and pyrotechnics must be purchased at the event. The event will be using a special Blue shell and fill paintball made especially for the event and all pyrotechnics will be sold with Citidal wrapping. Any players found using non-event paint or pyro will be ejected.


Each night there will be an entertainment program including live music, DJ's, special spectator activities, games and challenges where those who take part can win prizes.


There will be a large Retail Area where lots of different companies will be offering equipment and goods. There will also be Tech Support services from major manufacturers as well as tech classes, clinics and training courses.


The Citadel will be a family friendly event. There will be security onsite and bad behaviour will not be accepted. You can feel comfortable in bringing children, partners and non-players. Anyone who behaves in a way that is not acceptable to an environment where children are present will be ejected from the event.


There will be onsite medical cover at all times.


As well as the massive paintball program, there will be other activities including abseiling and historical tours of the Citadel. These are all free of charge and included in the event ticket.


Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be sent a payment confirmation. Shoreline will issue all event tickets approximately three weeks before the event. Tickets will be issued via email and players are required to print out their ticket, sign it and bring it with them to the event.


Types of Maps:

- Urban

- Tunnels

- Bunkers

- Woodland

- Ancient Moats

- Constructed Paintball Maps


- Big Game

- Sup Air

- Magfed

- Sceanrio

- Woodland Tournament


Types of Games:

- Large Scale (500 v 500)

- Small Scale (20 v 20)

- Team (5 v 5)

- Pistol Only

- Pump Only

- Magfed Only

- Junior (12 - 16)

- Rental (new players)

- Competitions

- Tournament

- Against The Clock

- 5:1 Outnumbered games

- Team designed games

- Limited Paint games

- Sniper Duels

- Shooting Competitions

- House clearing Comps

......and much much more!

Who should come?

- Anyone!!!

- Tournament players - CPS!

- Scenario players

- Milsim players

- Magfed players

- Experienced players

- Brand new players!

- Total Newbs!  ;-)

- Kids

- Parnters

- Families

- Old and young

- International players

- Teams

- Lone gunners

....the event is open and welcoming to everyone who plays paintball - no matter how experienced you are, where you are from, what format you play, whether you are on your own or part of a team, whether you are new to the game or a veteran, old or young, man or woman - everyone is welcome to The Citadel from Shoreline Paintball.

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